Tim & Emma’s wedding can be summed up in one word – Snazzy! The wedding took place at King’s Hall & Winter Garden, Ilkley, a classic theatre joined on to an elegant reception area flooded with natural light which was perfect for the ceremony, and stayed bright long in to the summer evening.

Being on the doorstep of Ilkley Moors the obvious choice was to enjoy the sunny – although blustery conditions and get some beautiful photographs of Emma & Tim by the Cow & Calf. The wind certainly provided me with the opportunity to capture the full elegance of the veil and the moment it swirled around the happy couple – resulting in one of my favourite images of the day!

The surprises weren’t over as the newly weds made their entrance to the reception via the stage. The curtains opening to reveal the couple, very much in the spotlight, accompanied by enthusiastic applause from the audience… I mean guests.

The fun was far from over as once the meal and speeches were over it was time to dance. I was told that everyone liked to dance, I didn’t realise that really meant everyone! As Emma & Tim gracefully danced around the floor the only thing that added to the grandeur were the confetti canons, inviting everyone to join them. The dancing continued long into the night and concluded a beautiful day. I really love my job, getting to partake and capture these special memories is such a joy and a privilege.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite photographs:

Couple | Tim & Emma
Date | 24-06-2017
Ceremony |  King’s Hall & Winter Garden
Reception |  King’s Hall & Winter Garden
Florist | TheBloomhouse Manchester
Band | Funk Conspiracy